Established in South Africa in 1983, Warmup has grown into an international company providing quality underfloor heating solutions to homes and businesses worldwide.

Economical, world-class heating solutions for Kiwi homes

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Insulation is a key for improved energy efficiency

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Energy-saving technology tips for new-build homes

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Tiled showers – the top trend in bathroom design

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Never get cold feet again

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Make space with walk-in showers and wet rooms

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Take the test – Is your Asthma under control?

We may not be able to cure it, but we can certainly try to do our part by ensuring kiwi homes retain as little moisture as possible – Warmup’s radiant underfloor heating solution does just that. Read more

Walking barefoot on gently heated tiles feels like pure luxury.

And surprisingly, it’s an economical way of heating rooms. Plus there are now easy-to-install DIY kits available with full, easy-to-follow instructions included Read more

6 Ways to save money on heating bills

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Wet room Shower Enclosures: Advantages & Considerations.

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DIY Measurement & Calculation – Undertile Heating

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Undertile Heating – Your information guide

Walking barefoot on gently heated tiles feels like pure luxury. It’s actually an economical way of heating the whole room. Warmup brings you a new dimension in affordable, luxurious, effective hea... Read more