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It has been said of today's architecture that everything has a flow to the outside – and Louvretec products provide links that enable that flow.

Create your outdoor room today.

Closed, opened, retracted

Louvretec’s Retractable Opening Roof gives you even more control of your outdoor area Read more

Enjoy in winter, protect in summer – plan your outdoor room now!

We’ve just had the shortest day here in NZ, signifying the middle of winter. However, soon the evenings will slowly get lighter earlier and our thoughts will turn to bbqs... Read more

Outdoor room creates more space for large, extended family

To accomodate their large family who visit frequently, this retired couple extended their home to create an outdoor room – and couldn't be happier with the results Read more

Why you should consider an outdoor kitchen

How about adding space and versatility to your home? Plus improved connections to the outdoors and greater entertaining opportunities Read more

Fixed louvres bring shade and crisp detailing to the Centennial Building at King’s School

On a facade design where function and aesthetics go hand in hand, the powdercoated Sun Control Overhead Louvres on King’s School Centennial ... Read more

Multi-classroom addition to private school by Babbage Consultants

The major upgrade to City Impact Church started with six new classrooms and grew to add further facilities designed to be extremely child-friendly Read more

Louvre systems at NorthWest Shopping Centre were designed, manufactured and installed by LouvreTec

Box Louvre sections, plant-screening louvres, and a feature ceiling were all created by LouvreTec for the new NorthWest Shopping ... Read more