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Since 1984, FOWLER HOMES™ has successfully been designing and building homes for New Zealanders in our unique regional climates

Your Style of Living - Your Style of Builder

Since 1984, FOWLER HOMES™ has successfully been designing and building homes for New Zealanders and our unique regional climates.

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Highly Referred in Canterbury where we originated, over 88% of FOWLER HOMES™ built are for repeat clients, family or friends which speaks volumes to our integrity.

Squeaky Clean FOWLER HOMES™  have a rock solid reputation as  long established Registered Master Builders.

Design and Build with Confidence When you build with FOWLER HOMES™ you have the surety of working with the company owners who are experienced building industry professionals, with  local knowledge and contacts. You will work with the same Director of the company from inception to completion.

New Home Specialists FOWLER HOMES™ specialise exclusively in new home construction throughout New Zealand. You have the benefit of our extensive experience and nationwide buying power; having designed and  built thousands of homes over the past 34 years.

We Understand Living Spaces Your new home is more than just a house…it’s a living space where families reside and relax. We combine our local knowledge with your desires and lifestyle requirements to create your personal unique design.

Regionally owned FOWLER HOMES™ Directors live in your region and understand the local climate and weather patterns. We’ll have what you need to know to ensure your building project succeeds. Moreover, our intimate knowledge of local council requirements and our extensive network of trusted, well established local sub-trades assure you of best possible outcomes.

Complete Project Management You will be seamlessly guided through every aspect of building your new home. We work with you through the design process to crystallise your ideas into construction plans, organise building consents, and then oversee every aspect of the construction to assure you a superior and stress-free building project.

Passionate Builders FOWLER HOMES™ nationwide team are not just good at what we do…we’re passionate about building quality homes. So, we will treat your building project as if it were our own and personally oversee all aspects of the process.

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