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From garage doors to French doors to interior doors, choosing the right option isn't an open and shut case. Are wood doors best, or aluminium? And what about windows? All you need to know is right here.


Ideas and inspiration

Open sesame
​​​​​​​With an existing lounge window replaced with bifold doors, the entire open-plan family-entertainment volume benefits from natural light flooding in from the rear of this home.
Let there be light (and privacy)
For this bathroom makeover by designer Natalie Du Bois, the original frosted panels in the windows were changed to textured panels below and clear above.
At one with nature
This master bedroom’s floor-to-ceiling sliding doors also mean that a bather in the open bathroom on the other side of the room can feel connected to the outdoor environment.
Open to view
In this new home, having the tub in the bedroom means the occupant can soak in the outdoor views enjoyed in the master bedroom or chat to someone in the bedroom. The master bedroom’s floor-to-ceiling ...

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Following the roofline
This architect set out to explore how to make the most of smaller lots, coming up with a compact, modern home
Sunflex Frameless Glass Doors
Glass Sliding, Frameless Glass Doors are ideal as wall infills to close in your Louvretec Room or your deck area to create additional living spaces. Select from two different styles of Glass Doors, th...
Louvretec's premium shutter range includes hinged, bifolding, sliding and louvred shutter options. Louvretec Shutters have been designed for New Zealand's coastal environment. Fill your shutter with y...


San Francisco row house remodel opens up a loft-style living area
Architect Jonathan Feldman discusses the ways light floods down through all floors of this four-story row house, thanks to new skylights, a glass bridge, open staircase and perforated metal screen.

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