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Toilets & Bidets

There are many toilet and bidet options to consider – from classic to cantilevered to composting. Here, you'll find all the info to help you decide which is right for you
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Ideas and inspiration

Tucked away
You don’t need half walls or space-hogging alcoves for a sense of privacy for dedicated spaces.
Sole occupancy
Being used solely by the two children in a family home, this separate toilet room needed bold and playful elements, including a velvet finish wallpaper on one wall that adds texture and warmth to the ...
Degree of separation
Not everyone wants a toilet sitting in an open-plan bathroom – but nor do they want it in a pokey closed-off room. The alternative? Use translucent glass for your toilet enclosure door.

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Breathe life into your bathroomWith the LeVivi range of bathroomware, you can design the space you’ve always dreamed of. No compromises, just a bathroom that works perfectly, and looks stunning. Exclu...
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Roundly Versatile - Beautifully uncomplicated toilet suites
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