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Renovating your home is an opportunity to refresh, expand and renew. Here's all the inspiration, ideas and information you need to get started.
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Lock and unlock your door from afar!
With her busy schedule mum and photographer Tarryn has no time to drop everything to find her keys every time she walks in the door, but now she doesn’t need to. In fact, with the Yale Assure SL digit...
How to build the ultimate sustainable home
Whether you just want to cut back on your power bill or you’d like to do your bit for the environment, here’s all you need to know about building a lean, green home
How to create perfect lighting zones in your kitchen
Ever wondered how to elevate your kitchen from merely great to a true showstopper? Here's how to create the ultimate kitchen lighting
Renovations: How to make your bathroom look bigger
Got a small bathroom? We've put together a few of the best ways to make the most of these small spaces
How to update your kitchen without spending a fortune
Forget replacing cabinets and tearing up the floors – with a few small changes, you can make your kitchen feel like new
Avoid these mistakes when beautifying your bathroom
We love a good renovation project, especially in the bathroom. But things can still go astray. Here's some of the most common issues Kiwi DIY'ers run into.
Owners use landscaping experience to give city garden major rehaul
The owners of this renovated home used their experience as landscapers to majorly change their outdoor space.
Oh those Summer nights
Don’t let the name fool you, a heat pump keeps your home cool and comfortable for a great night’s sleep.
6 renovations that can increase the resale value of your house
Anyone who's dabbled in the property market understands that even small renovations can mean big gains in the sale price of your home. Here are 6 renovations you may want to consider
Holiday home renovation with new addition, Poggenpohl kitchen, large deck, vertical louvres
1950s bach retains its charm, but gets new extension, contemporary kitchen, monopitched roof, stacking doors, large terrace


How to transform your living space in 7 easy steps

Dakota Murphey has put together a step-by-step guide to help you get rid of the old and bring in the new in your living room

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How to update your kitchen without spending a fortune

Forget replacing cabinets and tearing up the floors – with a few small changes, you can make your kitchen feel like new

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Renovation creates large open-plan living space and opens interior to the backyard
This home renovation emphasises natural materials and sustainability with the wrap-around living area feature in recycled wood left over from the upgrade
Zero to hero

Even when you know a renovation is essential, it's not always easy to work out exactly how, what or where to make changes to improve your home. See Brian Jones Architectural home renovation.

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Place in history

Once the home of Australia's first female lawyer, this heritage-listed property has been rebuilt to better suit the needs of a growing family See more


Traditional villa gets modern makeover
Traditional home villa renovation by Scarlet Architects features open plan family living area, contemporary kitchen, new pool, bay window
San Francisco row house remodel opens up a loft-style living area
Minimalist rooftop living in San Francisco; remodel with open-plan living area, large deck, sleek contemporary kitchen for serious cooks


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