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Your home is a reflection of who you are. But building a new house on your property is a major project. Don’t worry – we’ve got all the ideas and advice you to help with your plans

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Resene has everything you need for your decorating project, from quality colour and paints, decorating accessories and professional advice to help you get a superb finish on your project inside or out.

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Innovative and functional flap door ideal for space saving
Multi-purpose design has become something of a necessity in recent years. Salice's Pacta offers various practical uses throughout the home.
Lock and unlock your door from afar!
With her busy schedule mum and photographer Tarryn has no time to drop everything to find her keys every time she walks in the door, but now she doesn’t need to. In fact, with the Yale Assure SL digit...
Energy-saving technology tips for new-build homes
The energy usage that goes into construction materials is high. However, you can make up for this energy consumption by harnessing the power of today's technology to ensure your home does not continue...
Personal achievement
A smart, modern home that's cool in summer, snug in winter and welcoming all year round. Whatever your idea of the perfect home, GJ Gardner's portfolio has you covered.  
Don’t lose control of your DIY
Instead, let a professional take the reins. From new builds to repairs and renovations, EzyBuilding ensures quality craftsmanship so you’ll have peace of mind.
How to build the ultimate sustainable home
Whether you just want to cut back on your power bill or you’d like to do your bit for the environment, here’s all you need to know about building a lean, green home
Dare to dream
A brand new home with modern living layouts is a thing of joy. However, if this particular home doesn't capture your heart, GJ Gardner has many, many others that just might.
Lush grass with little effort
Summertime is a tough time for your lawn. But there's one way you can keep it looking flawless over the warmer months.
TimberTech composite decking transforms a Central Otago holiday home
This deck is in picturesque Alexandra and replaced an old, tatty wooden deck with fade and stain free TimberTech Composite Decking by Niagara.The homeowners are thrilled with the finish and are lookin...
How to choose the right paint colour, room by room
Ever been struck by paint paralysis? Anyone who’s been overwhelmed by choosing paint colours can tell you it’s a real thing.
Air conditioning that cares for the air
Daikin Air Filters and Purifiers improve the quality of your air indoors using advanced technology and are available in the ultra-quiet Daikin Air Purifier as well as across the range of split system ...


Modern ready-to-build home design ideal for scenic locations
Spacious, welcoming and opening up to its setting in spectacular fashion, this Landmark Homes showhome in Whitianga offers an enviable lifestyle
Work on your street appeal
Much is made of the importance of street appeal when it comes to selling your house. That’s all well and good, but there’s nothing wrong with having a home that looks smart from the street for your ow...
Building new: consider the roof
When planning to build a home, you need to consider carefully the requirements for the new roof. It should be weathertight, durable, easy to maintain and most importantly the roofing company can give ...
4 design styles for your splashback
As one of the most visible surfaces in your kitchen, splashbacks can seriously effect the space's design. These 4 splashbacks have a major impact on the overall look of their respective kitchens.


Sopersmac | Transform your door - Make it smart
Transform your front door with a Schlage S6000 digital touchpad lock!
Our ranges
From the simple and cost-effective, to the sophisticated and state of the art, every Fairview product in every range is manufactured specifically for New Zealand’s environment, and designed to bring c...
Window styles
Windows function in different ways – some slide, some tilt, some fold back on themselves. By understanding the different types available and how they work, you can better match windows to your needs, ...
Roofing trends to enhance your home

Today's roofing design is a balance between energy efficiency, eco-friendliness and aesthetics. Here's our guide to the latest roofing trends that will keep you covered for years to come.

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Door styles
Whether you need extra privacy, streaming light, or something in between, the type of doors you choose for your home can make a big difference to the way you live.
Entry doors
An entry door should be strong and solid, but it should also integrate beautifully and seamlessly with the look and feel of your home. Fairview’s extensive variety of designs and finishes, including t...
Windows aren’t just part of your home’s framework. They can add light and life, warmth and beauty. That’s why choosing the right glass is so important. There is a Fairview System for every door and wi...


International Winners
The selection of the TIDA international winners was the culmination of a series of awards for kitchens, bathrooms and homes held across 2017.


Take the test – Is your Asthma under control?

We may not be able to cure it, but we can certainly try to do our part by ensuring kiwi homes retain as little moisture as possible – Warmup’s radiant underfloor heating solution does just that.

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More than just a home builder

Owning a home is a big responsibility and comes with its challenges. Not sure how to tackle that reno? Or a roof you can't stop leaking? One company has your bases covered.

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How to create the ultimate outdoor room

 The latest on outdoor living heating, lighting and sound technology from James Adair of Johnson and Couzins 

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How to reap rewards from your under-utilised section

If you own a house and section, home expert GJ Gardner offers some valuable advice on how to unlock your site’s potential

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Natural warmth with the Envira Weatherboard System

It’s a fact - timber is a natural insulator - and with the use of Niagara’s 100% timber components, a fully enclosed, weathertight finish can be achieved.

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6 Ways to save money on heating bills

The first step to reducing heating bills is to take a look at your energy usage and monitor your average daily, weekly and monthly consumption.

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Volume 34 No 6
Discover great home, kitchen and bathroom design ideas in the latest issue of Trends.


Venice House by architect Nils Finne
The Venice House creates a garden sanctuary in the visually chaotic Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles.
Johnson & Couzins SkyLouvres
Get your opening roof louvre system from New Zealand's louvre experts! New Zealand's first retractable opening roof louvre, opening up a world of possibilities. SkyLouvres from Johnson & Couzins.
Modern Home Construction
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