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Carpet, timber floors, tile or vinyl flooring – what's best for your home? Here, professional projects and insights help you picture what your options might look like in the real world
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Well grounded
In pursuit of views and effective demarcation of spaces, this home has a sculpturally organised interior – well grounded by clean, simple concrete floors.
Style & sustainability
In this home by Dalecki Design, a cast-in-situ concrete wall with all imperfections retained offers a rugged counterpart to the polished concrete floor. The latter acts as a heat sink – soaking up the...
Tips for choosing the right rug
There’s lots to consider when choosing a rug. So where do you start? Interior specialist nood offers some tips to ensure you make the choice that works for you and your space.
Don't be floored
About to decide on flooring for your new or renovation project? Don't just jump in without researching first. We're here to help.
5 innovative uses of flooring in kitchens
Clever use of flooring materials adds to the functionality of your kitchen. Here are 5 examples to prove the point.
Empathetic under foot
The largest surface area in your home, the floors can have a big impact. On this kitchen and house design by Kamermans Architects, the beech ceiling is complemented by the wood flooring in American oa...


Wood and stone – natural friends
In this kitchen by Craig Steere Architects, limestone tiles provide an elegant floor surface to complement the Corian surfaces and Navurban veneer in this contemporary kitchen by Craig Steere Architec...
Surface attraction
So your floor height changes dramatically between spaces, or your flooring – let the walls and ceiling carry your harmony forward. For this low-set Hamptons style kitchen a continuation of ceiling and...
Polished performer
This kitchen by designer Kirsty Davis has a pared-back simplicity, a look made easier with a large walk-in pantry directly behind. A polished floor grounds the light-filled space.


Why Cork Flooring? | Candice Olson
Candice Olson from "Divine Design" explains why she loves cork flooring.
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