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Weatherboard, timber, stone or aluminium – there are many ways to wrap your home. Explore your options here
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Ideas and inspiration

Artisan Interior Plaster – the natural advantage
The Rockote Natural Materials range of plaster finishes draws inspiration from nature to provide beautiful, natural, hand applied plaster finishes that don’t compromise your health or the environment.
Is contrast always the way to go with cladding on an extension to an older home?
That’s an effective solution but another is to continue with what’s gone before. This contemporary living zone extension to a 1940s home is clad in recycled clinker bricks to match the existing home’s...
What's in a face?
Before you talk to a home builder, having some ideas of what you like is a great start. Timber cladding, dark brickwork and a painted steel garage door come together to create a compositional balanced...
Making it personal
The fixed privacy fins on this home, designed by architect Murali Bhaskar of Boon Team Architects, are etched with topographical lines of the area – an example of the family home’s connection to its s...
Frame your dreams with Shiplap
Make your impression with Niagara’s Shiplap Envira Weatherboard. Shiplap Envira Weatherboard creates a timeless and ultramodern finish on any home.

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Innovative and robust vertical shiplap weatherboards from the Envira range
Envira’s vertical exterior weatherboards deliver a unique look to any commercial buildings or residential home of any architectural era, adapting as well to colonial builds as modern designs.
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Builder puts Envira timber weatherboards above the rest
With over 30 years building in Canterbury, this is certainly not Ron Edward’s first weatherboard home and he’s steadfast as to why he chooses Niagara timber over man-made cladding alternatives.

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Envira Weatherboard System

Envira is a complete weatherboard system for both bevel back and rusticated styles and incorporates everything that’s needed for a tidy, watertight finish designed to last. See more

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