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Civic and Institutional Design

From libraries, museums and theatres, to airports, courts and government buildings – the design of civic and institutional buildings shape the way we interact with key services in our cities



Bridging art and nature
Completing the cultural route through northern Europe’s largest sculpture park, The Twist Museum by respected architect group Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) makes it look like you might need to pull on you...
Stand-out performance
The graphic facade at Henning Larsen's Hangzhou Yuhang Opera references ice cracking on the frozen East Lake, while the two intersecting building masses appear as ice floes drifting apart to reveal th...
A place for all
Civic and educational institutions are always looking for new ways to engage with visitors and this Canadian institution is no exception. The Royal Ontario Museum’s new Performance Terrace and the Ree...
Please be seated
Undulating ribbon of wood by designer Paul Cocksedge walks the line between sculpture, craft and functional design solution at the London Design Festival.
Sitting pretty – self-contained solar-powered seating environments that care about people and the planet
There's a new seating kid in town for architects and designers addressing commercial outdoor environments or public venues. The ground-breaking (grid-saving) Sedi range is designed and shaped to optim...
Fresh cover, fresh contents
The new Helsinki Cenral Library offers a dynamic sea change for libraries generally, with its sheer diversification of services and connections, not to mention its stunning aesthetic presence.
Bend it like, er, Zaha Hadid Architects
Zaha Hadid Architects' sculptural DNA is all over this dramatic new stadium commissioned for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The outcome? A clear winner!
Green transport just got greener
Public transport saves on road wear and tear, petrol consumption, car production/consumption and more – now, to showcase horticultural excellence, Singapore has added green roofs to the list, rolled o...


Going with the flow
Passengers at the Zaha Hadid-designed Beijing Daxing International Airport are guided intuitively towards the light-filled courtyard at the centre of its radiating form.
Building a greener future now
As soon as you leave Singapore's Changi airport you know you're in a green city. Three of the city state's iconic buildings take the next natural step forward – into biophilic architecture
Pedal power to the people
Cars took centre stage in planning cities in the 20th Century. But should urban planners and architects now put the bicycle centre stage when designing our cities and the buildings in them?
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