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Drapes, dressers, decor, beds – there's much to consider when putting together a bedroom or master suite. Here you'll find a window on a wide range of great design and product ideas
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The Trends International Design Awards – TIDA – searches for the best kitchens, bathrooms and homes across a number of the countries where Trends has a presence.
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Ideas and inspiration

I'm in the bath. Yes, I can see that!
Gorgeous views beyond the master bedroom windows – so, why not let the ensuite share the love? Placing this modern bathroom behind glass in the master bedroom saves space, enhances view access, and lo...
Cornering your options
This first floor addition features an expansive master with ensuite. Generous windows look north and east but there's a large corner of what could have been unused space between them. Instead, a low b...
Where's the support
This corner master bedroom appears to be supported by glass. However, the thicker vertical window fenestrations conceal steel structural beams.
Sheer comfort
Living at harbour’s edge is everyone’s idea of luxury but bounced natural light can create a first world problem. Sheers and curtains in the master bedroom of this Sydney harbourside apartment – reinv...
Out of sight, out of mind
Both the main bedroom and ensuite in this home feel completely disconnected from the rest of the home by being orientated differently with no windows that allow sight to the dwelling core.
What’s your viewpoint?
If there are great views from your property, there’s nothing better than enjoying them as soon as you wake up. Large sliding glass panels to the front and side of this guest bedroom not only maximise ...

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Smart bed makes itself
The OHEA smart bed makes itself when you get up.

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