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Looking for bathroom ideas or bathroom designs? We’ve got them all – from unique bathroom vanities to suggestions for your wall and floor tiles

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New in bathroom design

Don't touch that switch!
Think you can't have a private ground floor bathroom without sacrificing natural light and openness? Switch glass, used on this project, will let you think again. 
Bathed in light
A combination of natural and artificial lighting can make your bathroom radiate, like in this bathroom. Find out more hacks in our Lighting section.
(Bath)room with a view

Clean white surfaces complement stunning seaside views in this sleek bathroom

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Safe, simple, and fun – bath time with kids

Getting the kids bathed and ready for bed can be fun – but after a long day, it can also feel like an exhausting challenge. If you have the right bathroom set-up, safety awareness, and some carefully chosen bath toys, it’ll be more fun and less effort for everyone involved.

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Everything you need to know about ...

Make space with walk-in showers and wet rooms

In every home, the bathroom is one of the busiest and most used spaces, and often it’s the smallest room in the house. There are multiple ways to make it more functional, comfortable to use and look great, too. For example, installing small corner sinks, wall-mounted toilets, and shelving are all great ways of saving space.

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It's time to declutter your bathroom

Like any part of the house, your bathroom can quickly accumulate unwanted items. Let's clear some space by getting rid of them

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5 ideas for bathroom basins

Whether you’re designing a new home and fitting out the bathrooms and powder rooms, or you’re in the midst of a bathroom renovation, the bathroom basin is an opportunity to stand out

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No stress! Your bathroom is in good hands

A bathroom makeover doesn’t have to be chaotic. From repairs to installation, Five Star Bathroomsensures your bathroom is completed in a timely manner and fits all your needs. 

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Beginner's guide to bathrooms
So you want to transform your damp, dilapidated bathroom into a modern masterpiece? Here’s how you get started

Trending now

Turning limitations into benefits
What do you do when you need to renovate your home with a shoestring budget? You get creative.

Inspiring ideas

Greenlane Bathroom Renovation

Greenlane Bathroom Renovation

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Make your bathroom look bigger with these 5 flooring tricks

With a bit of imagination, there are plenty of ways that you can make the most of small bathroom spaces See more

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Latest bathroom videos

Light-filled master suite
This light-filled master suite has you feeling as if you're in a lush tropical setting
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