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Appliance choices impact your home's functionality and aesthetics – here you'll find which dishwasher, oven, fridge, microwave, or washer/dryer is right for you

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Ideas and inspiration

Quick and easy summertime salad
Summer is the best time to enjoy fresh produce, but traditional salads can become boring and uninspired. So why not try something a little bit different?
Kiwi homes welcome French cooking appliances
Make your next dinner party quintessentially French with Brandt. Elegant and sophisticated cooktops and ovens delight with user focused design are a joy to cook with
Sunshine and steak: A fast and tasty al fresco to impress
We're trying something different, so here are some delicious and uncomplicated summer menu ideas for you to try out that are sure to inspire.
Two new kitchens by designer Kira Gray are as different as their settings
A traditional kitchen with bling highlights and a funky, modern kitchen with pops of colour both feature hard-working Smeg appliances
4 ways your fridge can benefit from smart technology
Far from just a place to keep your veggies fresh, many modern fridges are now gadgets on the level of an iPhone or smart speaker. Here’s what’s new in the world of fridges.

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Smeg 50's Retro Style Small Appliances
A tribute to Smeg’s sensitivity and creative genius, the 50’s Retro Style line arises from a fusion of technology and aesthetics, of functionality and style, combining different cultural cues that evo...
Karim Rashid for Gorenje Appliances
Teaming up with Gorenje was a perfect opportunity to pursue a desire Karim has had for ages: to introduce design into simple, everyday objects such as household appliances.
Curved corners throughout this kitchen give it a softer edge, while it still presents a very contemporary look
Key to the success of this new kitchen design is its organisation into five functional zones, including a dedicated coffee nook with cafe-style seating

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