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Renovation and addition creates open, airy living zone at back of home

​​​​​​​Interfering with existing architectural elements – such as a classic tile roof – can be expensive so the architects for this home renovation and extension instead designed a pop-up roof for the new section to simply attach to the existing tile roof. While the clerestory windows ensure ample sunlight, the contemporary roof overhang brings a degree of shade to the tall, open-plan interiors. The concept of the wooden box insertion inside is continued outside, with niches cut out for sheltered seating and the barbecue.

Trends 精选了一流的设计案例,无论你是颜控,还是实用主义者,无论是新房装修,还是老房改造,在这里,你可以遇见大师的灵感,也可以得到贴心的家居装饰建议。让Trends 和您一起,把家打造成梦想的样子!

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